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At Casa Ilaria cooking is one of our main passions (we really enjoy eating!) but we also get great pleasure out of teaching our guests about our traditional gastronomic treasures.
In the fabulously equipped kitchen guests can take part in different types of evenings or our Cooking Parties.


Bolognese cooking

Those who want to broaden their knowledge of local cooking and homemade pasta can book an afternoon or a morning, to try their hand at making our famous fresh pasta and of course, at preparing Bolognese Sauce, and discover all our grandmothers’ tricks and secrets.
Tagliatelle, filled pasta (tortellini, tortelloni, ravioli…), coloured pasta or classical bolognese lasagne can all be prepared, according to preference.
Naturally at the end of all this hard work we can enjoy the results!
Classes are f
rom a minimum of 2 people to a maximum of 8, but larger groups can also be considered.

The cost is 70 euros per person, inclusive of lunch or dinner and notes containing the recipes.
For Casa Ilaria guests or for conventioned hotels guests, the price is 60€.
A course of 3 lessons costs 160 euros.
Individual class has a cost of 100€.

Group rates can be arranged in advance.

On request, before the evening’s activity, we can arrange a guided shopping tour of the market and the shops in the old town centre, to get to know the various products and learn to choose them and, why not, take home some inviting gastronomic souvenirs!

The cost is 20 euros per person, for a minimum of 2 people.

Theme cooking

A team of chefs with great experience both in Italian and international restaurants has put together a calendar for Spring 2010 with both creative and elaborate recipes,but which always start from a simple explanation of the techniques used at each step, so that it will become second nature to learn to create dishes to amaze your friends!
There’ll be a lot of emphasis on fish but also on basic techniques, so as to be able to become expert cooks.
There’ll be wine and other drinks to accompany the dishes that have been prepared.
These sessions should be booked in advance either online on our website or by phone.


Japanese cooking

The professional staff of Japanese chefs who work at Casa Ilaria will guide you on a tour to discover a gastronomic culture far removed from our own but equally as mouth watering.
In individual sessions of a few hours you’ll be able to take part in the preparation of many different Japanese dishes, from the most typical ones like sushi and tenpura, to lesser known ones like nabe, nanbanzuke and so on.
Visit the site to download the calendar.

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